I currently work mainly with acrylic paint, chalk, ink and paper on paper and canvas. I have always been creative and have since 2005 had a blog - "karkovski" - where I have written and shown pictures of my life and the things I have created. I have sewn and made patterns for eg. stuffed animals that I have exhibited in Seattle, USA and have had 4 toy animals in a few Australian books from Penguin - "Softies" and "More Softies". These patterns I started to turn into collages in paper, where i sewed in the paper and then I added paint to the collages. It has evolved into pure paintings over time, but sometimes I still make collages as they are more concrete and figurative as opposed to the abstract painting. Thus, at one point I made some cactus collages after being inspired by "KaktusKbh's" beautiful arrangements with pots, vases and cacti. I use the abstract, which is not too graphic and rigorous, but more compelled by emotions.

I mix it with a more graphic touch, for example the ‘Kaktuskbh’ collages, which, however, stay within the same color scale and therefore give a whole. For me.

In 2016 I participated in a Talent exhibition at Galleri Oxholm in Copenhagen with the works # it'snotadick and A cup of flow. That same year I exhibited a lot of small works at Boom Gallery in Newtown, Australia, who still has a few of my paintings on view in their stockroom. In 2019 I exhibitited at Galleri Wenneberg in Køge, Denmark.

"My paintings are part of an intuitive process where I examine shapes, colors and space. 

I use these elements to create layers and setups where my investigation is about uncovering their relationship. Either to harmonize or to disharmonize. 

The urge for this comes from the impressions that both the inner and outer world have left me with and which I must have balanced and filtered outward. 

As artist Per Kirkeby has said: It is a way of "getting visual and emotional impulses out". 

The process extends over time and space, both as a dialogue, but also as a flow where time and space do not exist. 

Therefore, the process can sometimes be finished before the painting and other times the process continues after the painting is finished. Sometimes words or phrases come out of it which I use wholly or partly in connection with naming the different paintings. 

These often tell me something about what is going on inside. "

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